Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 30th March 2023
At the Post Office Club, Sudbury Hill, Harrow.

Meeting opened at 8.00 pm. Attendance 55

1. Apologies for absence received from: Mark Grassi

2. Minutes of the 2019 (pre Covid) AGM were accepted as a true record by all present.

3. Chairman’s report was presented by John Wood. John reported on how the club continued to operate during the pandemic and was grateful to members for their understanding and co operation during this period. John also updated the meeting on stocking and the sad news of the closure of the Fisherman’s Cabin. John thanked Steve, Terry and Sam for supporting the club for over 30 years and wished them every success for the future. John encouraged members to attend the work parties as there was much work to be done.

4. Treasurer’s report
was presented by Bryn Bishop. Bryn updated the members on the introduction of card payments for renewals and reminded everyone that refunds are given for work party attendance. Bryn explained that a large part of our expenditure went on replacing one of the aerators and also the petrol for running the aerators during the hot weather. Bryn reported that the club is in a healthy financial position. The Annual Statement of Accounts is attached to these minutes.

5. Sunday Match report was presented by Adam Fowler. Summer League winner was Adam Fowler, second was Trevor McGahey with Graham Berry third. Winter League winner was Adam Fowler, second was Ian Wood with Martin Fowler. Winner of the Championship was Adam Fowler. Summer Pairs winners were Dean Elliott and Adam Fowler and Winter Pairs winners were Graham Clutton and Dean Elliott. Adam thanked everyone who had supported the matches during the season.

6. Evening Match report was given by Bob Gilligan. Bob reported on excellent attendances with 67 entrants over the series of matches. Bob congratulated Steve Horton who was the series winner, second was Trevor McGahey with Ian Wood third.

7. Committee Posts were elected uncontested as follows: Chairman – John Wood, Vice Chairman – Trevor McGahey, Treasurer – Bryn Bishop, Secretary – Dave Bartlett, Sunday Match Organiser– Adam Fowler, Evening Match Organiser– Bob Gilligan, Water Management – Mark Grassi, Committee Members – Martin Fowler, John Pope, Darrell Waldron, Ian Wood

8. Proposed Rule Changes:

Proposal by Dean Elliott ‘In matches, if no angler is on the next peg, a competitor can fish up to and in front of the peg, but no further than half way along the peg’ Proposal was not carried.

9. Questions were taken from the floor. In a question about pegging, it was agreed that from now on Championship matches would be peg downs).

10. Raffle was drawn. Our grateful thanks again (and sadly for the final time) to the Fisherman’s Cabin for kindly providing the prizes. The raffle raised £240.

John thanked everyone for attending and wished all members a successful season.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm.