Harrow School Angling Club
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 28th March 2019
At the Post Office Club, Sudbury Hill, Greenford

Meeting opened at 8.00pm.
Attendance 51

1. Apologies for absence received from: D McGahey, D Waldron, B Cackett, M & V Murcott.

2. Minutes of the 2017/18 AGM were presented by secretary, Dave Bartlett, and were accepted as a true record by all present.

3. Chairman’s report was given by Chairman, John Wood. John updated the meeting on car parking arrangements whilst construction work is ongoing near the lake and the progress with removing the fallen tree, John also reported on the restocking that took place in February. John thanked Bob Gilligan for running the matches, Dave Bartlett for administering the club and as always Steve, Sam and Terry at the Fisherman’s Cabin for their help and support. John welcomed new committee members, Ian Wood and Adam Fowler and thanked outgoing committee member Sean Fowler. On behalf of the club John also thanked outgoing treasurer, Emily Benford for looking after the club finances.

4. Treasurer’s report and balance sheet to 31st December 2018 was presented by Dave Bartlett and was accepted as a true record by all present.

5. The Competition Secretary’s report was given by Bob Gilligan. Bob thanked everyone who had attended the matches and reported that some good catches had been taken during the winter with one catch of over 100lb. Bob also thanked Trevor McGahey and Graham Clutton for their help in running the competitions.

6. At the meeting Bryn Bishop put his name forward for treasurer. The committee thanks Bryn for doing so and therefore the new committee was elected uncontested as follows: Chairman (and bailiff) – John Wood,
Treasurer – Bryn Bishop, Secretary - David Bartlett, Vice Chairman – Vacant, Competition Organiser – Bob Gilligan, Deputy Competition Organiser - Trevor McGahey, Water Management Team leader – Mark Grassi,
Committee Members – Adam Fowler, Martin Fowler, Danny McGahey, John Pope, Darrell Waldron, Ian Wood, Web Editor – Sam Brown.

7. Rule Changes
i) Addition to Rule 16.1 (Fish Care) Proposed by Martin Fowler and seconded by John Wood.
‘Under no circumstances should fish be placed on the ground. Instead an unhooking mat should be used.’ Motion carried unanimously. Please note that the Fisherman’s Cabin has kindly agreed that HSAC members can purchase an unhooking mat for £10.
ii)Addition to Rule 16.12 (Fish Care) Proposed by John Wood and seconded by Dave Bartlett
Tackle restrictions: Rods should have a maximum strength (test curve) of 1.75lb, Pole Elastic should not be stronger than grade 16-18, Hooks should not be larger than size 8. Motion carried on a 2/3rd majority

8 AOB & Questions from the floor:
i) Suggestion that the club purchase new weighing mats was agreed by the committee
ii) Member Michael Richardson advised the meeting that his lake in France was for sale if anyone was interested in buying it.
iii) Marin Fowler talked about the Family Fishing Match on 27th July and invited members to bring along family members who might like to try out fishing and to encourage new members.

9. Trophies were presented by Bob Gilligan & Trevor McGahey. Well done to all the league and competition trophy winners and specimen prize winners.

10. The raffle was drawn and raised £190. Thanks to the Fisherman’s Cabin for arranging the prizes.

John thanked everyone for coming and supporting the evening

Meeting closed 9.40 pm