30th March 2023
At the Post Office Club, Sudbury Hill, Harrow


1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes from 2019 AGM (available on website)
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Sunday Match Report
6. Evening Match Report
7. Family Fishing Fun Day Report
8. Lake Maintenance and Work Party Report
9. Election of Officers (Committee nominations below)
(only one nomination has been received for each of the following positions)

Chairman – John Wood, Vice Chairman – Trevor McGahey
Treasurer – Bryn Bishop, Secretary – Dave Bartlett
Sunday Match Organiser – Adam Fowler
Evening Match Organiser – Bob Gilligan
Water Management – Mark Grassi
Committee members: Martin Fowler, John Pope, Darrell Waldron, Ian Wood.

10. Proposals & Amendments
i) Addition to byelaw 17.10c (Pegging)
‘During matches, if no angler is on the next peg, a competitor can fish up to and in front of the peg, but no further than half way along the peg’.
Proposed by Dean Elliott

11. 20 Minute break for refreshments
12. AOB & Questions from the floor
13. Presentation of Trophies & Vouchers
14. Raffle draw (our thanks to Steve, Sam & Terry at the Fisherman’s Cabin for supplying the prizes)
15. Close of meeting

The Committee thanks you for attending the meeting and we hope you have an enjoyable and successful season.