Harrow School Angling Club

Data Protection Statement
“We need members’ personal data in order to maintain the club’s membership records and administer the club as a recreational members only angling club. We will not supply your personal data to any third party without your consent. Full details of how we process personal data is shown below. A hard copy of this is available on request to: Club Secretary, David Bartlett (Tel: 07721619342 ), who can also be contacted if you need further information about your rights as a data subject.”

Privacy Notice
Harrow School Angling Club is the data controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The club secretary, David Bartlett, collects membership or personal data which is necessary for administering our membership records and provide services and benefits to members as a recreational angling club.

The types of data handled by the club are as follows:
• Name
• Address
• Gender and Age (to determine category of membership)
• Disability (if applicable)
• Date of birth (where applicable to junior and intermediate members)
• Phone and Email contact details
• Vehicle registration number

Our club members are data subjects and as such have the following rights:
• The right to see their personal data and the right to be provided with a copy free of charge;
• The right to erasure of their personal data;
• Where consent is being relied on for the processing of the data, a right to withdraw that consent;
• The right to ask for personal data to be restricted in how it is processed or to cease processing it in a particular way.
Membership records are kept for a maximum of five years.
Further information on your rights under GDPR can be obtained from the Information Commissioner (www.ico.org.uk)

HSAC 29-5-2018

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